New Vegan Menu | Revolucion de Cuba


Welcome to my first food review of 2019! I love exploring new places to eat, drink and have a jolly good time in Southampton, and last week I was invited by Revolucion de Cuba (a new restaurant and bar which has been on my to-go list) to try their new vegan menu. As a veggie trying to make more vegan choices, I was super keen to visit - and I brought my carnivore fiancé Martin with me to try the menu too!


Revolucion de Cuba is at the top of the highstreet towards the Guildhall area, which is an ideal location if you’re planning on going out after a couple of rounds of cocktails, or on your way back to the train station after some retail therapy.

First of all, the staff are so nice and welcoming - it’s been a while since I’ve been out for a meal and received such genuine and friendly service. We had a lovely chat with our waiter (shoutout to Charlie!) and he was really interested in what we thought about the menu. And here’s what I had to say:

Scan 3.jpg

Cocktail - Tommy’s Margarita
Choosing from their lighter cocktail menu (for those trying to cling onto the dream of Dry January or trying to cut down on that sweet, delicious sugar), I went for the classic margarita. Not only was it delicious, but it was a decent size too and not smothered in crushed ice.

Tapas - Sautéed Tofu & Patatas Bravas
As it’s 2 for 1 on tapas in January, we wanted to try more of what the vegan menu had to offer. We went for a tapas staple, the patatas bravas and we were intrigued by the roasted red pepper and hazelnut sauce on the sautéed tofu dish.

Martin’s Moment: “Always get the patatas bravas. It’s always the biggest portion.”

The tofu dish was my favourite! The sauce was really creamy and tangy, and the chargrilled sprouts were so damn tasty. Even if you hate sprouts, try them! They’re much crunchier than your standard boiled sprout you’d get on a roast dinner. The patatas bravas was a bountiful harvest (Martin was of course right, it was huge) of seasoned potatoes and a spicy sauce.

Scan 2.jpg

Main - Beet Burrito
As soon as we saw ‘burrito’ on the menu, we knew what we were ordering. Lovely soft tortilla filled to the brim with rice and a creamy sauce. The beet bits were rolled up like meatballs (they also have a ‘beetball’ tapas dish) and they were full of flavour. We also enjoyed the toritlla chips and guacamole that came with it. Come hungry if you want the burrito!

Dessert - Raspberry and Prosecco Sorbet, Chocolate Cake Slice
Stuffed, but not entirely defeated, we HAD to try the dessert (you know, for full research purposes). We opted for their cake that came with a scoop of sorbet to share. It was nice, but next time I think I’d rather have more scoops of the sorbet as that was my favourite bit of the dish!

Thank you so much to Revolucion de Cuba for gifting us such a tasty meal! I’ll be back for sure as my veggie/vegan friends were really interested in the photos I posted on my insta stories and it’s such a cool venue, whether you’re dining in or just fancy a drink at the bar. Come try the vegan menu, it was so full of flavour and it didn’t feel like it was missing anything from not having dairy. And Meat-Eater Martin loved it too!