Valentine's Day - Love Cards for Anyone and Anytime!

Today I shot some new photos of the hand-lettered card I drew in my Valentines and Dinosaurs Vlog, and they are now listed on my etsy shop!

I've called them Love Cards, not just because of the obvious reference to the illustrated heart design, but also as a celebration in that we could send cards to loved ones any day of the year, as well as Valentine's Day!

I wanted to create a custom design that could fit any occasion, from Anniversaries and Weddings, to Birthdays and beyond. They're also genderless and 'label' free, so everyone can feel the love tonight!

If you would like to order these personalised cards for Val/Galentine's Day, place your orders ASAP to receive them in time. I'm also offering free shipping to the UK! Yay!

Amy :)