The Best Wine Ever and a Delicious Gnocchi | New Menu at HarBAR on 6th


Overdue a date night, Martin and I spent the evening wining and dining at HarBAR on 6th; a gifted evening where we got to sample their new seasonal menu in the rooftop restaurant.

If you haven’t visited the HarBAR in the new Harbour Hotel in Ocean Village, it’s a really modern and cosmopolitan bar and restaurant, with a rooftop terrace which opens in the summer (check out my blog post about their launch night here!) - it’s the perfect setting for a date night or a dinner with friends that you can dress up for.

When you take the lift on the side of the building to the 6th floor, you’re greeted by the host (in our case it was the very welcoming and friendly manager) who shows you to your table. The wine list had lots of options but we went for the house red - and I tell you, it was the nicest red I’ve ever tasted. If you’re a fan of red wine, I recommend you treat yourself to the Les Archères next time you fancy a drink in Ocean Village!

The menu had lots of options for Martin, but as a Vegetarian I found there wasn’t as much to choose from, particularly in the starter section. I opted for the flatbread and hummus and Martin chose the whitebait. The first thing we noticed when the lovely waiter delivered our food was that the portions were pretty big! Martin had a whole school of fish in his bucket! He was very pleased. My flatbread was delicious and flavoured with rosemary, and the hummus was great.

For the mains, I went for the gnocchi and Martin had the burger. Again, the portions were generous and the gnocchi was amazing! The cheese on top had a lovely smokey flavour and it was a really tasty, feel-good meal. I’d definitely go back to enjoy that dish again. Martin said his burger was really tasty and the best one he’s had in a while - and that’s saying something because that boy always orders burgers wherever we go!

Even though we were full to the brim, we carried on because their dessert menu looked really good. Martin’s banana split sundae was a thumbs up from him and my brownies were really tasty, and unlike brownies you get elsewhere. They were almost truffle-like in texture, and the honeycomb, popcorn and cherries were a great accompaniment.

Overall, it was a great dining experience and it’s a lovely venue with a great view of the harbour and city. HarBAR on 6th is a great place to treat yourself to a hearty meal and a lovely bottle, and I’ll certainly be back for a birthday or date night soon!

Many thanks to HarBAR for the gifted meal and wine, and for Southampton Bloggers for the opportunity.