Taking a Fresh Look at Myself and My Business

Hello reader! I’ve had a pretty slow January and I thought I’d share with you some feels. I feel sluggish and bloated, but boy do I want to smash February in its rainy face - not with violence, but with determination, proactivity and glee! As it’s Spring Cleaning time, I’m going to start with my messy, joyless spark of a head. I’m Marie Kondo’ing my attitude, dammit. As of today, I’m starting a journey to further understand my business, what my goals truly are, and figure out how I’m gonna accomplish them.

I’ve been reading several books about entrepreneurship and running a business (which I’ll write about in my next blog post) and I’m kicking myself out of my cosy dressing gown and into some actual daytime clothes to take a fresh look at myself, my work and my business. Although I have determination and ideas, I feel I haven’t fully set forth into what I’ve always planned to do.

In a month’s time, it’ll be my first business birthday. Almost one year ago, I left my job to give freelance life the biggest shot I could, and I’m still standing! Woohoo! My biggest successes have been craft fairs and in-house graphic design work, which is fabulous. However, my ultimate goals are to be commissioned for editorial illustration, book covers and stationery design.


Here’s a manifesto I wrote in a daze of exhaustion last night:

My Business Manifesto for Success

I’m committing to put in the work, time and energy into creating success in my profession and business. To show up on time, develop my skills and create fabulous work.

Why? For my childhood dreams of being a picture book illustrator. For years of school work, practising and training. To show the world my talents and what I’m capable of. To earn money doing what I enjoy and to be inspired always.

I want to take myself seriously as a boss and as a self-employed business woman. I need to focus more and get on with tasks and explore more options in my work. I also need to work on my bad habits and distractions. Also maybe brush my hair every now and then.

I will be an established Illustrator and successful business gal.

So readers, it’s time for me to put on my logical cap and learn to love spreadsheets, for I am sorting my life out!

Amy x