Makin' Mocktails with Thaikhun - and a Competition!

Last Sunday, I woke up in my friends living room after a night of Happy Hour speed drinking in a karaoke bar in London. After belting out the hits of Bonnie Tyler, slaying Dolly numbers and even a group rendition of the Les Miserable soundtrack - I was left to nurse not only a sore throat, but also a stonking hangover. BAD TIMES (at least Drunk Amy remembered to take her makeup off and leave her glasses in an appropriate place this time).

So, as well as participating in Veganuary - I've given alcohol the heave-ho (for now) as it's just slowly eating away at my soul, and my body quite clearly has had enough of my antics. 

With Dry January growing more popular every year as more people pledge to bin the sauce after indulging on twiglets and baileys, I can see why soft drinks and 'mocktails' have risen in popularity when Brits dine out. Because of this, Thaikhun (yep, that lovely Thai place in West Quay Watermark where I stuffed my face a few weeks ago) kindly invited me to a Mocktail Masterclass for local Bloggers to have a go at creating our own alcohol free concoctions. They are also running a competition where you can submit your own mocktail recipe in light of Dry January, but also to support the Thai Children's Trust charity. The winning recipe will not only feature on their menu and raise money (£1 of each drink will be donated to the charity) but the winner will also receive the holy Thaikhun Orange Card which entitles the lucky holder to TWO free meals every time you dine in their restaurants! Find more info and enter the competition here!

When I got to make my mocktail with the mixologist, I created my own take on a mojito with my favourite flavours; ginger and coconut. I call it the........dun dun dunnnnnnn......The Coco-Ginger Spice! I'm...very new to naming cocktails. 

I've illustrated my recipe for you guys to try at home. Let me know what you think - it tastes like malibu with a spicy ginger aftertaste and I really didn't miss the alcohol at all! Now I'm off to the supermarkets to find all of the cordials!