New Spring Collection!

I've had a busy couple of months so far in 2015! I've been commissioned to design logos and branding for two small businesses, received a few personalised orders over Valentine's as well as designing new work for my brand Harwoodian! I've decided to create a brand away from my name because I feel it's more catchy a name, and I can keep the two branches of my work - my shop and what I sell, and my freelance career separate. Although they both go hand in hand, as building a small business works as part of my portfolio!

I've cracked out the watercolours and have designed my first two greeting cards for my upcoming new and improved online shop. There is a tropical/nautical theme running through my brand, inspired by my surroundings in Southampton as well as my interest in all things nautical and natural. And also my fascination of hawaiian print shirts!

I'll keep you posted about my new stock, as well as my work on the branding work!