My Fresh & Simple Summer Make-up Routine | Clinique Review

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Make-Up Review | YSL New All-In-One Glow Foundation

Well it's about time that I start my new Beauty & Style category on my blog! It's been on my to-do list for far too long as I've want to experiment with my look more and share my findings with you along the way! 

This week was the perfect opportunity to start writing about make-up and trying new looks, as I was invited to try Yves Saint Laurent's new All-In-One glow liquid foundation with the lovely Michaela at Debenhams in Southampton. 


A little background about me and my face: I'm an oily, oily girl with patches of redness around my nose and dark circles under my beady little eyes. For years I've been using really thick foundation to get a full coverage, however I'm yet to find one that keeps still on my skin, as throughout the day it oozes off my nose and forehead (gross). Plus I'd like to look a bit more natural as opposed to looking like I've smeared acrylic paint all over my mug. So, I was very keen to try this new foundation to see if it would be a good fit for me - and I'm not familiar with YSL products so I was very excited to see what they had in store for me.


After asking about my skin and what I usually go for in a foundation, Michaela prepped my face with their All Hours primer to mattify my skin (it went on like a lovely moisturiser, rather than the silicone based primers I've been using recently). Then the  'Touche Éclat' all in one glow liquid foundation which when applied feels like a tinted moisturiser. It's a lot thinner than the dense foundation I've been using, and it created a nice dewy look on my face, something that I've tried to stay away from in fear it made me look greasy, however I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked it! 


Other products used for my complexion was the Bronzer no.1, Kiss and Blush no.8 which is a lovely cream blush and Souffle D'eclat radiant powder and Top Secrets fixing spray to set. Also on the brows was the amazing Couture brow mascara no.1 in brown which gave my eyebrows more definition - I'm keeping my eye on that product! Breakthrough of the day was that I now love lipgloss!


I wanted to try something new with my lips (as I'm a liquid matte lipstick kinda girl), so we tried the liquid colour balm in no.7 Grab Me Red which was a lovely spring pink/red which I loved and bought! It's not sticky at all and in one coat it creates a lovely light colour, and two coats give a real colour punch. Pay day will see me with the Spy On Me Nude and Watch Me Orange for sure - perfect with vintage tea dresses in the summer.

So my thoughts on the foundation? I really like it - it doesn't stay on my face perfectly by the end of the day, however I wore it on a busy shift at work and although the oils made a comeback, the foundation didn't ooze or noticeably run like my current one does. It keeps that dewy complexion and I actually think I look a lot healthier (and is it weird to think mature?) with a foundation like this that isn't fully covering my skin and isn't cakey. Plus, you can see my freckles!

I've tried the sample given to me alongside the rest of my make-up at home a few times now and I think it really suits me. I'd just need some powder to mattify my skin throughout the day as and when, and with an SPF of 23 it's a perfect spring/summer foundation.

Overall, I think it's a hydrating and refreshing foundation that feels like a tinted moisturiser, however it still gives me the coverage I need. I feel it gives me a natural look that compliments the skin I have, rather than covering it up. At £33.50 for 30ml it's on the higher end of the price scale, however I think it could be worth the investment.

Thank you Michaela and Yves Saint Laurent in Debenhams Southampton for my complimentary makeover and samples.