Taking a Fresh Look at Myself and My Business

After a sluggish January, I’m starting a journey to further understand my business, identify my goals and plan to reach them. I’ve written a mini manifesto to supercharge my motivation and inspiration!

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My 2017 | A Review of my Work

Another year has gone by already! I’ve reviewed the highlights of my work this year and what I’ve learned along the way!

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* New in! * Bespoke Hand-drawn Greeting Cards

Today I spent the morning playing with my new camera re-shooting my stationery stock. My Etsy shop needed a bit of a makeover and I've FINALLY got round to building a store front in my website!   


As well as shooting the cards and notebooks I already have in stock, I've been ticking off my to do list of creating templates for all the bespoke prints and gifts I'd like to launch before Christmas time starts to kick in - the first of which is my bespoke hand-drawn greetings card! I've been asked by friends before to make hand painted cards for their loved ones from which I've received great feedback, and it also feels wonderful providing this personalised and unique service!


They are hand drawn opposed to digital templates because the market is saturated with beautifully designed customisable digital prints and cards, and although I love working digitally, I want to get back in touch with my roots, before the world of Wacom tablets took me in! Back in college and uni I experimented with all sorts of materials and make making, and secretly I miss getting messy! Also, a hand made one of a kind print or card makes the gift even more special, don'tcha think.


These cards are available to order from my website here and my etsy shop - the turn around is quick and personable and I also have great fun making them!

-  Amy 


New Spring Collection!

I've had a busy couple of months so far in 2015! I've been commissioned to design logos and branding for two small businesses, received a few personalised orders over Valentine's as well as designing new work for my brand Harwoodian! I've decided to create a brand away from my name because I feel it's more catchy a name, and I can keep the two branches of my work - my shop and what I sell, and my freelance career separate. Although they both go hand in hand, as building a small business works as part of my portfolio!

I've cracked out the watercolours and have designed my first two greeting cards for my upcoming new and improved online shop. There is a tropical/nautical theme running through my brand, inspired by my surroundings in Southampton as well as my interest in all things nautical and natural. And also my fascination of hawaiian print shirts!

I'll keep you posted about my new stock, as well as my work on the branding work!