My Fresh & Simple Summer Make-up Routine | Clinique Review

My Fresh & Simple Summer Make-up Routine | Clinique Review

Clinique’s makeup range is my new favourite go-to for the warmer months. Check out my favourite products for my summer look!

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Collectif Summer Sale Haul | Shopping for my Cruise!

Collectif Summer Sale Haul | Shopping for my Cruise!

Welcome to my very first haul blog post! I’d love to show you what I bought in Collectif’s Summer sale in preparation for my first cruise holiday.

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I Have An Announcement...

Guys, it’s finally happening. After years of imagining that it MIGHT happen, it’s happening.  

As of Monday 2nd April 2018, I'LL BE FREELANCE BABAAAAAAAAAAAY!  






So things have gotten a little crazy in Harwood HQ following a successful Christmas, and all at once my stars aligned when the perfect part time job at a coffee shop I love (just across the road too!) was offered to me - the time had finally come!

I’m leaving my lovely B&Q family after enjoying almost 3 years working in the design team, but I’m SUPER EXCITED to start my next chapter as a freelance Illutrator and Blogger. 

I’m starting a Freelance Series on my blog and potentially YouTube channel too, where I’ll share my journey and honest experiences from jumping into self employment, as well as how I got here, goals for the future and tips for fellow arty folk who hope to make the leap too. 

Thank you all so much for your support throughout the years. I couldn’t have made my dream come true (n’aaaw) if it wasn’t for you guys liking and commenting on my posts, buying products from my shop and even just saying hi at craft fairs, which gave me the confidence and motivation to continue my small business and to deep dive Pocahontas style into the madness and excitement that is freelance life.

I’ll be in touch soon! 

Amy x