Seaside in the Square 2019 | Press Event

Following the success of last year, Seaside in the Square has returned to Southampton, promising a summer full of events and activities for all ages to enjoy!

Until 11th August 2019, you can play, relax and enjoy music and entertainment (or even a workout!) on the beach, right at the heart of the city centre in Guildhall Square. With a programme full of events - which you can check out here - you won’t be short of something to do in the summer holidays!

My family and I took visiting friends and relatives to the Seaside in the Square last year, as it was such an easy and fun option for something to do in town. The kids loved building sandcastles and we battled each other at table tennis (I lost every time, of course).

This year, there are even more games and sports equipment donated by Decathalon, and stylish and comfortable furniture from IKEA to relax on. The Orange Rooms bar returns with cocktails, beer, wine, spirits, and even slushies! Top tip: ask for a shot of rum in the pineapple slushie, it’s delightful!

The YMCA have a hut where they’re showcasing their involvement in the community, and the stage will host musicians, performances and DJ sets all summer long.

We sampled the aerodynamic yoga sessions that will be held on the sand most mornings (no sign up required, and mats are included) and we had a workout with BarTribes which was really fun! It turns out that I can hold myself up on a bar for 5 seconds, so I totally deserved a drink for that. Mine was a Mai Tai.

Check out their website for a full list of activities and information, follow the hashtag #SITS19 or pick up a flyer in town. It’s the easiest way to enjoy a day at the beach without the mad traffic and sandy train journeys. Plus, it’s free to enter!

Thanks to Seaside in the Square and Soton Bloggers for the press event invitation

A Flump and a New Pattern

Today has been another sweltering bake-fest of a day in Southampton!

And it was also a very rare day that my sisters and I were all together and free at the same time, which naturally called for a picnic and a trip to the shore!

Slapped on the factor 30 and off we went. Mum made sandwiches.

Went to a country park and then to a stoney beach situation. Had an amazing ice cream. It had a freaking flump in it!!!! I love a flump.

This was taken before I got this all over my face. 

This was taken before I got this all over my face. 

After such a lovely day out (I've spent most of this week working indoors in my make shift studio at Nana's House), I felt there was no finer inspiration for my next pattern that todays slurptastic gargantuan ice-cream! 

First donuts, now Ice-cream. I'm beginning to see a pattern here...

First donuts, now Ice-cream. I'm beginning to see a pattern here...