Summer Reading List | How I Used the Jisp App to Save Money on Books!

The scorching sun has finally had enough, which means cosier nights in and no more pressure to be outside and sociable, yay! I think now is a great time to get back into the habit of reading, and with my holiday around the corner, I'll have plenty of time to devour some fantastic books! 

I had already ticked off 'Holiday Wardbrobe' (check out my Collectif haul!), so next on the shopping list was my poolside reading. I downloaded the new shopping app Jisp, which tells you all about the events, competitions and sales on the highstreet (you can get some great specific offers if you have your location settings on) and I saw that they had a deal in collaboration with Waterstones - perfect timing!


All I had to do was enter a competition on the Jisp app and I got 20% off books and a free coffee in the Waterstones cafe! So not only did I save money on my new books, but I also enjoyed a delicious cappuccino while I did some writing and planning for my blog. 

I check Jisp everytime I wander into town now; it's totally free and there are lots of exciting features to come soon. You can add friends and you have a chronological timeline that features your favourite shops and local brick and mortar businesses. Jisp's mission is to support and revitalise the highstreet, and to revive the instore experiences as opposed to the mundane online shopping habit we've all slumped into. I had great fun using the app, saved some money and enjoyed my instore experience! 

Now, onto my summer holiday reading list...


Jurassic Park - Michael Crichton
I mean, it’s about time I read the original novel of my favourite film of all time, right? I’ve heard from others that this is very different to the film, and after reading the first few chapters I can see that the book focusses a lot on the science and ethics behind genetic engineering, and it's already more gory than the film! The characters were lifted from the book almost perfectly and it's fascinating to learn more about dinosaurs, as well as the contextual battle between genetic researchers and reverse engineering. I can't wait to gobble up this book like a T-rex with a goat.


Watership Down - Richard Adams
I want to get through a few classics this summer, and I also need inspiration for animal themed illustrations, so what better book to kickstart the season with than Watership Down. I saw the traumatic animated film last Easter (WTF) so when I saw this copy on the shelf in Waterstones, I was curious to see what the book was like, and I'd love to digest the plot without the scary foaming rabbits to distract me. I plan to illustrate along in my sketchbook to add more animals and book work in my portfolio, which is why I also picked up my next read...

The Wind in the Willows - Kenneth Grahame
Would you just look at this gorgeous gem that I found in a second hand book shop in the New Forest! For £2.50 I now have a vintage illustrated copy of a children's classic that I've never read before! It's a staple children's story to illustrate, and I can finally jump into this world of animals and draw inspiration from a literary classic. This book was originally 21 shillings/£1.05 and is illustrated in black and white with etching plates by E.H Shephard. I can't figure out when this particular copy was printed, but this edition was first printed in 1931. I like to collect vintage books, so I hope I keep this in good nick while I read it this summer! 

I’m looking forward to smashing these on my travels, as well as cosier nights with a hot tea or a glass of merlot and getting back into the world of reading. I’ll certainly keep checking my Jisp app for more offers for my Autumn reading list and much more!