Rediscovering Yoga | Getting Back on The Fitness Wagon

This summer, I was introduced to the wonderful world of yoga at In Balance Hot Yoga studio in Southampton. I was a complete newbie and I really enjoyed the sense of community, learning the yoga culture and was pleasantly surprised by how much of a workout hot yoga is (the sweat is unreal!)

After a few months of attending the beginners classes, I felt my poses were becoming stronger, my legs and arms were looking more toned and my overall energy levels and posture sky rocketed. I wrote about the effects that a morning session of yoga has on my working day in this blog post when I first went freelance.

But then, like an avalanche, work took over. I suddenly had so much to do before my two week holiday; I had products to design, client work to complete, family events and weekends away, catch ups with friends, picking up shifts at the part time job... suddenly, there was no room for fitness in my daily life. And I felt it.

Yesterday, I attended my first session at In Balance Hot Yoga in two months. After a fortnight in the US and on a cruise, I was full of unhealthy food and booze, and was suffering from jet lag. I really, really needed this session. 

I was worried that my progress would be shot and that I would’ve forgotten all the moves and poses, but luckily, muscle memory came to the rescue and I was planking better than I had before. The burning in my legs was real and my arms ached so much the next day - I definitely needed that workout! The heat felt good for my skin and I felt peaceful and calm (which was much needed after a hectic holiday). It was just blissful to sit in a warm, cosy and quiet environment away from the computer screen, away from my phone, and just re-connecting with my body and listening to it’s wails of “Dear God Amy, move more and stop eating Cheetos!” 

I’m writing this series about getting back on the ‘Fitness Wagon’ because about a year and a half ago I was at my most fittest. There was a gym in the head office where I worked, and despite all the office snacks, I ate quite well-ish. I was strong and quite fit from doing HIIT and Pump classes, and it was also a social thing too. Since going freelance, I’ve only been going to the gym once or twice a week as the convenience of having one so close was now gone. I eat a lot better and snack a lot less, but somehow I’m drinking a lot more (I’m one of those “I deserve this...GLUG GLUG GLUG” kinda people). Eventually, laziness and/or business overcame the priority of exercise, and it’s effected my body, sleep and energy. 

So, I’m getting back on the wagon, and the first step on the agenda is rediscovering yoga. 

If you too are recovering from an excessive holiday, looking to connect with yourself physically or mentally, or looking to try something new in your current fitness plan, In Balance Hot Yoga is starting a 90 day programme called Awaken Your Inner Warrior, the next course starts on the 23rd September.

Benedita will run the course, and she will help you create a “radical transformation in your life” by working on your diet, yoga practise and meditation, as well as offering guidance through online support, and personal journaling to find your inner warrior.

For more information about the course, visit their website at and book a call. Benedita and Ian are so friendly and welcoming, and  the studio is a warm (literally!), inviting and soothing space. 

I’ll continue my yoga journey at the studio and also at home - I find it really helps me get sleepy so maybe a pre-bedtime practise would cure my jet lag! 


This post is in collaboration with In Balance Hot Yoga.