Mayflower Panto | Snow White

On Monday, I was invited by the lovely Soton Bloggers and the Mayflower theatre in Southampton to see this years Christmas pantomime, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! I cheered, I booed, I jumped out of my skin...I was thoroughly entertained! 

I’ll be honest, I hated pantomimes as a kid. I was a rather sulky teenager so the idea of chanting “HE’S BEHIND YOU” wasn’t my thing. But young Amy was an idiot, for I’m now a pantomime convert and I’ve been saying “hello” in a Chuckle Brothers accent ever since.


This particular story of Snow White revolves around the evil queen, which was played by the fantastic Craig Revel Horwood who was amazing to watch (I don’t watch Strictly but the references and jokes were still easy to follow). The Queen’s costumes were mesmerising and the character had both kids and adults laughing.

I was re-living my youth watching the Chuckle Brothers again (I don’t mean to brag, but I saw them in Butlins once) and the cast were full of beans which gave the show loads of energy. Dance group Flawless are in it for a few dance numbers as the Queen’s men, and the dwarf’s choreography added comedy too.



The set was insane; dragons, witches and mirrors all coming out at you, it was trippy AF and really cool. Panto’s have come a long way since I was a kid!

If you’re bringing little humans, there’s only two scary bits: there’s an effing massive lighting bolt opening that came out of nowhere and I nearly leapt into another dimension leaving an empty husk of myself behind (but the kids didn’t seem to care) and the dragon coming out at you might frighten little ones who haven’t comprehended the difference between reality and animatronic puppets yet. There’s a cracking scene with a cucumber and a Chuckle Brother, but I won’t give it away (it’s not as bad as that sounded).


Overall, I had an awesome night and I’ve totally been enlightened by this panto experience. OH YES I HAVE! 

Many thanks to the Mayflower theatre and Soton Bloggers for my complimentary ticket (and interval wine. Always love an interval wine).