My Brand New Greeting Card Range!

Hi everyone! I’m super excited to share with you my brand new greeting card range!

I’ve spent the summer working on a new body of work inspired by animals and nature, and this is just the beginning! When the Christmas rush is over, I plan on releasing more cards for V-day, Mothers and Father’s Day, and some more event specific ones perhaps.  

A massive thank you to all my instagram followers in participating with my stories and posts, your favourite animals inspired me and my sketchbook is now full of lovely little animals! 

Take a look at the new range:

I’ve also introduced bundles for the first time! I’ve batched the cards into groups so you can stock up your stationery drawers (you know, that random drawer in the kitchen stuffed with random gift bags and rolls of cello tape). 

I feel like I’ve finally developed a cohesive style in my character design now - these little dudes have a similar style, I now draw eyes that I don’t hate, and the texture and colour is right up my street. These designs were painted with gouache paint and then tidied up on Photoshop. 

The cards are printed on lovely trucard stock from and the envelopes are a gorgeous rustic brown kraft paper that pops next to the colour palette of the illustrations and the whiteness of the cards. I love working with negative space (I suck at backgrounds!) so I think a contrasting envelope works well and compliments the card. At Christmas I might introduce a red or a green, or a fancy gold - who knows! 

I hope you like the new range, do let me know what you think and which one is your favourite! A lot of these designs are also available as prints in my shop, and if you want anything bespoke or have an idea for other products, give me a shout!

Amy :)