New prints - Dinosaur Trio!

Well if you haven't figured it our already, I'm pretty into Dinosaurs. 

A few months back, I painted a series of dinosaurs with gouache paints. My models? A tub of plastic toy dinosaurs I got for my 23rd birthday. 

I received a lot of positive reactions to the photos I posted on Instagram, so I decided to order prints as there are plenty of fellow Dino Lovers out there who might want these guys brightening up the place!

I went back to where I ordered Wedding invitations from before. I love their Nettuno stock, the textured paper goes really well with my painting style. You can check out my prints in my vlog, or order them on my etsy shop.

I might paint a few more pals to join the crew; a cute Stegosaurus or a cheeky Triceratops could be cool!

Amy :)