Exploring Lush Skincare | The Best Products for Oily Skin

I’ve been on a mighty long mission now to find the perfect, affordable and cruelty-free skincare routine for my oily, oily skin; and now, thanks to Lush, I think I might be onto a winner..

If like me, you wanna spice up your skincare routine or try new products recommended to suit you, pop into your local Lush store for a consultation! The fabulous team at Lush in Southampton invited myself and other Southampton Bloggers round to sample their new skincare consultations, which are completely free and available anytime!

After chatting about my skin (very oily, prone to breakouts and want everything to be  mattifying), the lovely Soraya - who is also my fellow Southampton Etsy team member, of Sorayraya! - took me around the store and collected samples of cleansers, toners, face masks and moisturisers on a slate plate, and at the table she demonstrated them all on my skin. With her amazing insight and knowledge of all the products and ingredients, I was really keen to give them all a try. And I also thought that I’d only have a couple of products to choose from for my skin type, but I was pleasantly spoilt for choice! I had the absolute joy of taking these samples home to try in my own time to see which products took my fancy, and you can too!

The Verdicts
I’ve had my samples for about three weeks now, and I wanted to try and test everything before I wrote a review about them. I’ve written a synopsis of each one for you to check out if you're looking for a new routine too!


Angels on Bare Skin
This was one of Soraya's favourite products, and I can totally see why! This was the creamiest and thickest of the cleansers I tried. When added to water, it broke down from a solid to a light ad soft cleanser, it's relaxing but gently exfoliating too. It’s creamy, oaty and leaves the skin feeling soft. Plus, it smells incredible and it feels like a real treat of a product.

Ocean Salt
This is a great morning cleanser as it really woke up my skin. It starts out as gritty and exfoliating, but it then lathers into a softer cleanser as you work it into your skin. It’s great to use in the shower, although be sure to close your mouth as it’s very salty!   

Dark Angels
This is another deeply exfoliating cleanser, and I’ve enjoyed using this after the gym! It’s messy so I’d recommend to use it in the shower. It takes out the oil and the dirt in the skin due to the charcoal ingredients, and leaves the skin feeling smooth, but also a bit dry.

This cleanser is different to the others because you apply it onto dry skin with a cotton pad, and it smells really really nice. I used it to take my make up off at night and when paired with the tea tree toner, it really made my face smell great (even Martin said so!) . It’s more an evening cleanser for me, I like an exfoliating scrub in the morning pre-make up, but this one left my skin feeling super clean and soft.


Tea Tree Water
This toner is so calming and smells INCREDIBLE. I'm a sucker for lavender, and I felt so fresh-faced, as my skin felt soothed and clean. I know I keep saying how clean my skin felt and I know that seems like an obvious observation, but it hasn't been that easy with products I've tried before! I've had a lot of skincare products where I felt like I'm polluting my skin rather than extracting the badness, and after a long day, this toner was a dream to use. You can carry it in your bag to cool down or freshen up on a long, hot day, and when your bottle runs out, you could buy a tea toner tab and dissolve that in a bowl of water and replace it with that.

Vanishing Cream
MY OIL LITERALLY VANISHED. I'm not even kidding. This moisturiser is worth the money; it's super mattifying, making it a perfect base for make up. It's my winner for sure! 

Full of Grace serum bar
It's a bar that melts to body temperature, and it is super moisturising. It's not matt or absorbent enough for me to use as a day to day moisturiser as it sits on your skin for a while before it absorbs, but it's a great base to use before a face mask. If you're having a spell of dry skin, this will sort you right out.

Face Masks.png

This will forever be my favourite. Chocolatey, creamy, indulgent...it's the perfect bath time mask. The only beef I have with it is the trips to the fridge (but that's just me being lazy) and it's short shelf life, as its not self-preserving. This is my go-to treat if I'm having a crappy week or my skin is acting up.

Cup o' Coffee
If you're not a coffee fan, this isn't the one for you. However, as a coffee lover, I enjoyed it! It has a really strong scent which is great for a morning kick. The mask is nice and cooling and a lot thinner in consistency compared to the thick and creamy masks. It's grittier than other masks too, and when it's time to scrub off, that's when the magic happens. It's super exfoliating and really gets in there! Great for if you're having a super oily day or you need a quick mask before getting ready to go out. I'm actually wearing it now as I write this at my desk, it doesn't get everywhere like others do and makes very little mess!

Mask of Magnaminty
This is that face mask, the one you picture when you think of a pampering face mask as you soak in the bath with a book and a glass of Savvy B (that's what I call sauvignon blanc, get into it). It has a lovely minty scent and feels cool to the touch when you apply it. It's the ultimate creamy texture, and it soon gets to work by absorbing into the skin, mattifying your skin. You feel your face tighten as it does it's thang. After washing off, my skin felt lovely and tingly thanks to the peppermint, and the oils on my skin were taken away with it.

My Dream Routine
So using my samples. I've narrowed the products down to my absolute favourites:

Cleanser: Angels on Bare Skin  (to use in the shower in the mornings) and 9 to 5  (to take off make-up and use in the evening)
Toner: Tea tree toner
Moisturiser: Vanishing cream
Face mask: Mask of Magnaminty (self-preserving) or  Cup o' Coffee 

Thank you so much to Lush Southampton for my wonderful consultation, I'll be sure to pick up my new favourite skincare products very soon!