Liz Earle Skincare Review | 1 Month Into My New Routine

I have been on a never-ending quest for the perfect skincare since I was 13. From the early days of Simple to Clinique Christmas gift sets, bounties of Body Shop and towers of LUSH pots. This time, I’ve sought help from Liz Earle.

My skin is oily and I have dark circles under my eyes, red patches around my nose, dryness and breakouts on my forehead and chin, and just all-round unhealthy looking. YAY! My make-up slides off my face by my second cup of coffee of the day, and I’m desperate to have lovely skin that I could parade around bare-faced in the coming summer.


My sister has trialled many different brands of skincare too and she swears by Liz Earle and the hot cloth technique, as it really cleared up her skin. We both went on an adventure to John Lewis and I sat down for a consultation and demo.

I was asked about my skin type and the problems I have had. When I described my terrible face I was asked if I wake up with oily skin, because perhaps my skin type is actually combination. It turns out that I don’t actually wake up with oily skin and years of using mattifying anti-oil products has actually dried my face and made it produce more oils to moisturise itself. MIND BLOWN.

After testing the products, I really enjoyed the way my skin felt - all nice and soft and CLEAN! I left with the daily routine kit which also includes two cloths and an exfoliator, which I use before a face mask or after a workout for a deep clean.

The cleanser is really creamy and smells lovely, and then using the cloth you exfoliate your skin which really gets the gunk out and leaves your face feeling super smooth. The toner is nice and calming and I apply with my I Heart Threads Co reusable cotton pads. The moisturiser feels like a treat every time I apply it and it leaves my skin glowing. I was a bit apprehensive applying oil based products to my already oily skin, but boy was it moisturising.

One month into my new skincare routine, how is it going?

before after.jpg

My breakouts have chilled out and there are a lot less spots on my face. The redness gone down and overall I look a lot more healthy! I’ve had quite a few compliments on my skin recently which never happens. I’ve stuck to the routine twice daily - I thought I’d get bored of the method or get lazy, but I really enjoy spending a little more time on my face. I feel so much cleaner!

I do still get oily throughout the day, but it’s more noticeable when I’m not wearing makeup. If I’m working from home I’ll pop on Lush’s Cup O’ Coffee face mask for 10 minutes to absorb some of the oil.


My make up sits on my face much better too. I use YSL All-In-One Glow with Urban Decay All-Nighter concealer, and my skin is glowing. This used to be a nightmare of mine as I was Team Matte - but I really like this new look on me!

There are some other Liz Earle products that I have my eye on as well. They’ve just launched body cleansers and polish which comes with an exfoliating mitt (great for prepping a self-tan) paired with a wonderful smelling body moisturiser. Their perfume range is also lovely - I really, really want Botanical Essence No. 15 which is a glorious woody/vanilla scent. Perhaps it could be my bridal scent!

Overall, I’m happy with Liz Earle and I’m confident that my skin will continue to improve. It’s a bit of an investment initially, but the products are almost spa-like and smell amazing. With 288 days until my wedding, my one worry is having my makeup run off my face before lunch is even served, so here’s hoping this routine continues to improve my skin!