You're A Gem! | Gemstone Valentine's Day Card

New product alert! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I wanted to bring out a new greetings card design…

As I was looking through my current collection of greeting cards, I noticed that they’re all animal or nature themed (my two favourite subject matters), so I wanted to try something new to broaden my range of subject matter.

I recently collaborated with Tumble and Rose and I illustrated a birthstone postcard which featured in their December subscription box. I glanced at the postcard that I have pinned on my motivation board above my desk, and the phrase “you’re a gem” popped into my head - a cute idea for a Valentine’s card!


On InDesign, I started laying out my new card and I experimented with a few of the gems to see which one was the strongest illustration to pair with the phrase. I narrowed it down to the aquamarine, diamond and amethyst, which I then went on to use.


I then moved over to my drawing desk and painted the phrase with inks and watercolours in various handwriting styles until I developed the one I liked the most. I scanned in the sketchbook page and completed the design on Photoshop.

Two days later, my greeting cards arrived to my studio where I snapped them just in time before the sun went down (curse these winter nights!)! They’re now listed on my etsy shop ready to go to new homes. PLUS I’m offering free shipping on greeting cards and postcards throughout February, so pop over and have a look at my whole range of cards for other occasions like birthdays, celebrations, weddings and new babies!

I’ve got a few more tricks up my sleeve to show you soon; I’ve ordered samples of a NEW and EXCITING product that I can’t wait to spill the TEA on…

You can purchase the card HERE - You’re a gem :)
Amy x