Freelance Series | My First Week As A Freelancer!

Wow, what a wacky few weeks it has been! I had my last day at my day job on 29th March, and since then I've learned a lot of things about myself, working from home and how to manage my work. It hasn't been as much of a shock to the system as I had imagined, however there are still some areas in my new work routine that I need to iron out - but it's still early days and I'm still learning as I go! Here's an overview of my first week as a freelancer...

If you've stumbled across my blog and work only recently I'll fill you in: I've just left full time work to finally jump into freelance illustration to invest time in my career and work as an artist. I also plan on writing more on my blog, making more videos on my youtube channel, as well as just spending more time on myself and doing the things in life that I enjoy the most in a more flexible working week. 

This week I met some friends for a lovely lunch at Mettricks Woolston!

This week I met some friends for a lovely lunch at Mettricks Woolston!

I plan on writing about my freelance experience in more detail in this series, but for now here is a rundown of thoughts I've had in my first week of self employment:

  • The sweet joys of the off peak food shop. Lidl is a dream at 2pm on a Wednesday. Less people, more stock and no queues for the tills
  • Spending quality time with my pet bunny, Charlie. She's an indoor rabbit with free roam in the second bedroom, which is also my studio. I just assumed she slept most of the day as she's most active at night, however she does the cutest things while we're usually at work, like play with her toys that I thought she just ignored, and she takes naps in the weirdest locations like my bookshelf?!
  • I can whip up quick and delicious meals whenever I want, or even pop over to a cafe or restaurant in town for lunch if i want to. I can also meet up friends and family on their days off. 
  • Walks down the shore on my lunch break or in the morning 
  • Being on Twitter and instagram is actually part of my job now
  • I can commit to more things during the week, like last minute Bloggers events and invitations
  • I can feel myself gaining weight minute by minute
  • Don't have anyone to discuss TOWIE with anymore (in person at least)
  • I struggle to focus and get comfortable here (but I bought myself a new fancy office chair and its great!)
  • My back is starting to hurt, see above about new chair
  • Time goes by 100x faster than in the office!
  • I've made £6 this week. Very thankful about the part time job I have.
  • I don't get dressed often
  • I work better when I have designated days in the week to work on an area of my business, for example today (Tuesday) is Blog/Vlog day, and I've bashed out 3x posts and a video!

If you have any questions or tips for me, do comment below - I hope you follow me on my new journey!

Amy x