Docks Coffee House | New Evening & Cocktail Menu

This week I was invited to sample the brand new evening food and drinks menu at the Docks Coffee House on Oxford Street, Southampton. After a really fun evening with the owners and meeting other bloggers in the area (and waking up with a mild hangover the next day), I'm so excited to share what the Docks have to offer Sotonians and why I'll be bringing my friends to check it out!

The small and sweet coffee house is keeping its doors open at a later time of 10pm from Thursday to Saturday. They have developed an evening food and drinks menu as an extension to their well loved brunch and coffee options, which is great news for weekend evening dwellers of Oxford Street!

Their decor is inspired by Southampton's maritime setting. The tables and surfaces are made from reclaimed timber and many of the furniture and memorabilia on the walls are vintage finds! 

The new menu has a great selection of small plates and platters for a light dinner option or for something to nibble on while catching up with friends over a round of cocktails. 

The drinks menu has something for everybody and the cocktails are bloody delicious. For my fellow gin lovers, there are several tasty drinks to try, most of them made with Mermaid's Gin which is made on the Isle of Wight. My favourite cocktail was the one I'm merrily drinking here, which is their Passion Fruit Gin Julep - it tastes like sweets!

Here's the falafel which is served with a tangy yoghurt dip; all homemade. The falafel is really tasty and crumbles nicely inside the pitta. My top tip would be to order the humous platter alongside the falafel if you want to build a bigger meal, and the humous comes with olives too!

The Vegan Platter is the veggie version of the Docks Special; the meat is replaced with a variety of fresh veg, as well as my new obsession, coconut jerky! I seriously recommend you try this, its a sweet teriyaki flavour and lovely and chewy!

Thank you so much for having me, Docks! I loved my donut parting gift (check their instagram for daily updates on what fresh goodness they have in, all baked locally)! I'll certainly be back for more for bakes, coconut jerky and a cocktail (or three).