COSMO | All of the food!

This week the lovely team at COSMO invited us for dinner at their Southampton branch to try out their world kitchen experience. After sampling what they have to offer, here's what we thought!

Friday night I put on the floatiest dress I had and headed out to COSMO to take on their global buffet. COSMO serves station after station of wonderful and diverse food inspired by 5 star restaurants around the world. You grab a plate (or five) and help yourself to global cuisine from the hot plates, as well as the live cooking stations where you can request fresh food cooked in front of you by their chefs. 

For you lovely readers, Martin and I formulated a strategy. That's right. We went left to right in multiple rounds and we rated our favourites from each plate so you know which stations to make extra room for! I went for veggie options and Martin went for meat.

Mostly dishes from the Indian and Chinese stations.

Amy's Favourites
1. Lentil Dhal Curry - lovely flavours and light
2. Onion bhaji - the mint sauce is dreamy
3. Mushrooms and broccoli - Good quality veg, makes you feel less guilty!

Martin's Favourites
1. Lamb Rogan Josh - Well cooked, lots of flavour and a bit of spice
2. Chicken Biryani
3. Chicken Tikka

Amy's Top Tip... Don't pile up the rice and naan - this is no place for rookie errors!

Martin tried more Chinese and I wandered towards the continental.

Amy's Favourites
1. Breaded Garlic Mushrooms - decent size, nice and garlicky
2. Vegetable sushi with pickled ginger - lots of fish ones to choose from too
3. Vegetable ramen from the noodle cooking station

Martin's Favourites
1. Mongolian Lamb
2. Thai Green Curry

Amy's Top Tip... Go little and often - try one of each thing then go back for your favourites to ensure you leave enough room for the rest of the stations!

We went rogue. Martin queued for the meat and I went Italian.

Amy's Favourites
1. Pizza - so cheesey!
2. Courgettes in tomato sauce

Martin's Favourites
1. King Prawns from Tepenyaki
2. Scallops from Tepenyaki

Amy's Top Tip... Don't load up on the pastas, I rated these the least in the Italian section so try a little bit of each so you don't carb load before dessert.

The Favourites round. We went back up for seconds of the best! I went back to the Indian station for more dhal curry and Martin went to the Churasco grill for more lamb. 

Amy's Top Tip... If you've opted for the unlimited fizzy drinks, go steady as bubbles are the enemy. 


Our Favourites
1. Chocolate fountain
2. Irish cream cheesecake
3. Raspberry cheesecake

Amy's Top Tip... The dessert bar is a highlight so make sure you leave room, there's even a pancake machine!

Believe it or not, we were in fine condition to plough through the dessert bar. Probably because we stuck to our plan to sample a little bit of everything for this review, so I would recommend you give it a go!

The staff were very friendly and prompt at collecting your finished plates, the decor is really nice and the place is huge and accommodating for parties of all sizes. It was very popular so I would recommend you book before your visit.

Lunch starts from just £7.50 and dinner from £13.99, check their website for more details as the prices vary at peak times. Kids eat half price too if they're shorter than 150cm so it's a great choice for the whole family!

So remember: wear loose clothing, go easy on the carbs and bubbles and think 'little and often'!

Many thanks to COSMO for our complimentary visit.