Soton Bloggers Brunch | Vospers, Woolston

The most amazing way to start the weekend is with a cracking brunch, a glass of mimosa and catching up with mates.

This weekend, the lovely Soton Bloggers arranged a brunch for us writers to catch up over an amazing menu at my favourite local restaurant, Vopsers (check out my review of their burgers and cocktails here). We discussed all things blog, cameras, travel and of course, Kylie Jenner.


The food as always didn’t disappoint. The team at Vospers put so much thought and detail into everything they serve, from their delicious coffees (alway a great addition to an instagram feed), to their fantastic food. There were various breakfast muffins including a veggie option which I’ve had before (with avocado and halloumi - AMAZING) and then there were the pancakes...


After 'The Great Pancake Swarm of 2018' when all the photos of my beautiful blueberry pancakes with honey were taken, I demolished them with a massive, blueberry stained smile on my face. They were super fluffy and the portion size was just right. I also enjoyed a glass of mimosa which made me feel all fancy inside.  


If you're local to Woolston and fancy a treat one morning or feeling rather sore from the night before, go grab yourself a lovely brunch (there's free parking underground too!).

The opening times at Vospers on the weekend are currently 10am-11pm on Saturday and 10am-9pm on Sunday - check out their website and facebook page for more details.

Many thanks to Soton Bloggers and Vospers for our complimentary brunch!