Amy Gets a New Camera!

Woohoo - I got myself a new piece of kit! Here's to bringing new fun and dynamic imagery to your very eyes!

After years of fawning over the wonderful photography of fellow Bloggers and Indie shop owners, I FINALLY took the plunge and invested in my business. I begged my sister Kathryn (who is an insane photographer and has also started blogging here) to come to town with me to help find an Amy-proof, easy to use but also really really good camera.

With the assistance of a nice dude in Jessops, I've got myself a laaavly Olympus OM-D, which came with two lenses (I also scored a free camera bag and 200x photo prints, thanks guys!). I also bought a tripod to so I can get back into filming videos for my YouTube channel.

I have no idea what I'm doing so I've booked onto a one hour lesson where I hope to learn how to take awesome-sauce product photography, so in the meantime enjoy some photos I've taken so far!