Amy Goes to Amsterdam | Food Guide

In February my pals and I went on a city break to Amsterdam, which was extra exciting as it was also my first visit. The most common reaction from everyone I asked about what the city's like was “OHMYGODTHEFOOD.”

Following recommendations from friends and the almighty Pinterest, I had the best food I've had abroad so far. Here's a roundup of my favourite places you should check out if you're planning a trip to 'dam:

Wear your stretchy pants and make your way to the Foodhallen, an old tram station turned food heaven where you’re surrounded by amazing food carts - we had to take several laps just to absorb the greatness and make our decision. But we didn’t, so we had two lunches each. We started with dumplings then made our way through tofu baguettes and wraps. There was also a cheeky flamkuchen involved. It’s really beautiful and if you’re really hungry or would like to try lots of things then this is great place to visit.


Everyone is all about the Omelegg. It was really popular and people were queuing for the egg. It was really good egg. I used to think “but it’s just an omelette, whats so special about that?” but I was a naive soul. There’s so many to choose from, I had one with goats cheese and walnuts. It was the tits.


Van Stapele
This teeny tiny bakery is home to the most delicious cookies that have ever been in my face hole. Chocolate cookies served warm and stuffed with melted white chocolate. I’m booking my next flight to Amsterdam as I’m writing this so I can taste them again. 


Burgers? Check. Drag Queens? Check. Burgers named after Drag Queens? Deathdrop. A cocktail bar at the front and a restaurant at the back, Getto is a great place for a nice big meal to soak up the happy hour cocktails you’ll be smashing while you’re there. There is also a cat. A CAT.


Greenwoods Cafe
This place was so good that we went twice. A lovely small cafe by a canal (don’t ask me which one or where, I’m the useless follower of the group) which is a great place for brunch. On the first trip I had my favourite meal of the holiday - banana bread topped with pecans, cream, syrup and blueberries. The second time, a vegetarian breakfast with halloumi, avocado, hash browns and the rest. SO GOOD.

And Amy’s top tip….
For drunk food, go to MacDonalds and order the Farmer Fries with fritte sauce. YOU’RE WELCOME.

If you have any other questions or recommendations, comment below or tweet me at @harwoodian. I’d love to hear your Amsterdam food stories, I fell in love with the place and plan to go again next year so I’d love to find new food favourites!