Amy Goes to Amsterdam | Travel Guide

Oh Amsterdam. You are as pretty as you are crazy. There hasn't been many places I've visited where I've thought I could legit move to and be happy forever, but Amsterdam showed me the light. From the quirky culture and the gooooooorgous houses, to the amazing food and friendly people, Amsterdam is just so chill and I want to go back there immediately. 

Here are a few recommendations from what I got up to in 'dam aside from playing Pokemon Go in the park at night:

Hortus Botanicus

Amsterdam's land of botanical goodness is a great place to wander about on a bright afternoon. In each conservatory you'll find a variety of plants and the viewing platforms and bridges gives you a great view from all angles.  It's also a great spot for photographs, proper profile pic potential, ya know. And that succulent room with the pastel peach walls - it's basically Disneyland for millennial instagrammers.

The Van Gogh Museum

If you're a fan of art and shit, this museum should be top of your list. The building itself is fit and the museum is curated in a way that leads you on a chronological journey through Van Gogh's career, personal life and relationships through his paintings. It was interesting learning about the various subject matter he studied before the classic sunflowers, bedrooms and self portraits. Although don't do what we did and stood still in the revolving doors at the entrance and expecting it to move automatically; you do indeed have to push it to avoid a queue of laughing tourists behind you. Cakes courtesy of Bulldog cafe may or may not have played a part in this incident though.

Secrets of the Red Light District Museum

I can now say that I've mounted unto a sex swing and sat in a red lit window in Amsterdam. The museum of prostitution is a must see for red light district newbies like myself. It's a smaller museum set up in a former brothel and it explains the history, lifestyle and etiquettes of the prostitution culture in Holland. It's interesting, funny and also interactive - you're invited to write a confession of your own and stick it on a wall at the end (none from Lamey Amy here, but there were some absolute crackers written by other tourists). As well as it being an interesting attraction, it was actually useful to learn about what is ok or unacceptable behaviour when you start to encounter the women in the windows when you venture further on down. Also, no one tells you how insanely HAWT the girls are - I was tempted to buy an hour just so they could show me how they do their make up. Spot on girls, werk.

TonTon Club

A bar, with arcade games. Go to there. Grab a drink and some tokens and play on pinball machines, air hockey and loads of classic games with your buds. Or alone if you like, like the random guy we seemed to collect along with the tokens. 


A cool gay bar that serves amazing cocktails - my drink of choice was the 'Hugo.' I can't recall much of the details as there were many rounds of these, but it involved prosecco and it made me feel fancy. Great for sit down boogies and there's even a cat!

I already plan to go back next year in the Spring or Summer, it's been my favourite Euro city break so far! Keep tuned for my Amsterdam Food Guide post, there will be loads of really good recommendations in there if you're planning a visit of your own!