All of the Halloumi! | New Menu at The Flying Dutchman

I’m always on the lookout for new veggie spots to go for breakfast and lunch in Southampton, and my newest find is The Flying Dutchman on Terminus Terrace near Oxford Street.

Their brand new menu has launched and I was lucky to tuck in and sample their dishes, from sweet breakfasts to big burgers!

For Breakfast
Whether you fancy sweet or savoury, The Flying Dutchman offers several delicious vegetarian breakfasts. My favourite was of course, the halloumi and avocado on toast (because that’s the most dreamiest double act ever), and the chargrilled peppers also added a nice smokey flavour. The french toast was lovely and the veggie sausages on the vegetarian breakfast were battered and really tasty! The portions were big as well, which is always a bonus!

For Lunch
From sides to mains, I had the delightful task of trying out their main menu items. I kept tucking into the Mac and Cheese as it was so gooey and cheesey - proper comfort food. Side note, Mac and Cheese is my go-to hangover food so next time I’m feeling sorry for myself post-wine, I shall make a pilgrimage to the Flying Dutchman! Their nachos were huge and boasted a mountain of toppings. And then of course, the halloumi burger and halloumi fries. Yummy cripsy battered halloumi that I could not get enough of! The flavours in the sauces of the burger and dipping sauces were really good, and the chips were nice and squidgy which is how I like ‘em!


Situated around the corner from Oxford Street and just off of the Itchen Bridge, The Flying Dutchman is a great place to meet friends for a nice hearty meal with few rounds of drinks, and it would also make a great breakfast meeting spot away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. They also have a function room and accommodation upstairs, so it’s also an ideal and central place to stay in Southampton for the weekend.

Many thanks to The Flying Dutchman and the Southampton Bloggers for the gifted feast!