About Amy

I don't know about you fellow people of the internet, but I struggle with writing bios on social channels. Compressing every single thing about your human existence into one or two short and snappy sentences is kinda tricky. So, I thought I'd put together an 'About Me' post for anybody who'd like to know a bit more about myself, my work and interests!

So here we go. Some facts about me by me, Amy Harwood.

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By day I'm in retail as a Junior Designer and by night I'm a coffee slurping, Lidl version of hobnob dunkin', podcast listenin' Illustrator and Blogger. I graduated in 2014 with a degree in Graphic Arts from Winchester School of Art and before that, I studied at Portsmouth University for my art foundation diploma. I'd describe my work as whimsical and happy-go-lucky; I like to create fun and playful imagery using bright colours and subject matter that I find nice. For my final project at Uni I recreated Frankenstein in picture book form where I made the monster all cute and lovable, as I believe him to be. I like to make all things jolly, both in my art and in my writing. My technique is painterly with a dash of digital magic. I love a white background and experiment with negative space, plus it really brings the out the colours. I love to draw animals and plants mostly, but I'd love to get back into painting portraits because I was really good at that in school. Books are well nice, and stationery - so I like making those. 

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I live in Southampton with my partner Martin. He's lovely. Together we have a fluffy bunny daughter called Charlie. She was named after Charlie Day because she's got crazy black hair and we love It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. She had a sister once but they unfortunately fell out after we neutered them, but she's now with a lovely family and she's frolicking in a garden with a new 'Husbun'. Charlie is content with sleeping under my desk, chewing up our carpet and scratching my feet. I'm an Aries so I'm a great leader, super enthusiastic and fiery AF. I'm 25 and still alive. I hate odd number ages, so I can't wait until I'm 26. I just think they look and sound nicer, and I have the best years of my life in an even number. I conquered my phobia of driving and finally passed my test aged 24. I still haven't driven on the motorway. 

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I was born up North in Wigan and I bloody love chips and gravy. I'm the oldest of three girls and from being the elder sibling I have an integrated fear of breaking rules and getting into trouble. Good behaviour is the key to greatness I say. I'm ginger from my Dad. I reckon this helped develop my quick wit and the ability to find strength in laughing at myself (I wonder if ginger kids still get made fun of today?). My mum also inspired me to never be embarrassed and to be different, loud and fun. She's fucking nuts. When I discovered Jurassic Park, I feared, respected and then loved dinosaurs. I wanted to be an Archaeologist (I also loved Indiana Jones) and my Dad once decorated my bedroom as a prehistoric landscape with cut outs of dinosaurs, trees and volcanoes - I still think this is the nicest thing someone has ever done for me.

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I like singing and I kill a karaoke sesh. My favourite band is ABBA. I love reality TV shows, particularly British ones (TOWIE still reigns supreme). RuPaul's Drag Race and Game of Thrones is my life. I like to read books and listen to podcasts. I like going for walks and trying new places for food with Martin. I don't go "out out" unless it's to somewhere with cheesey music and places to sit down. I bloody love wine and gin. Autumn is my favourite season, closely followed by Spring. Otters, rabbits and ducks are my favourite animals. I couldn't possibly pick a favourite food. I recently turned vegetarian and I like it a lot. 

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Someday I'll have huge garden where I can open a rabbit sanctuary and I'd called it Amy's Bunny Village. There'll be lots of elaborate hutches and I'd rescue bunnies, as well as offer housing for pets while owners are on holiday. It could be a petting zoo too. I'd also have a lovely studio in the garden where I can paint and drink wine all day while I watch over the bunnies. In the meantime, my goals are to have work printed in magazines and books and to have a successful print and stationery business. I'd love to illustrate reality TV as a job. I want a scuffy little dog someday. I have a 30 Before 30 list which is slightly basic and boring but mostly achievable. I'd like to relearn german and travel across Germany and Austria. I'd also like to host a podcast someday. 

Well there you have it; an insight into the brain of me, a Southern Ginger gal who like to draw things and watch TV.

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