January Favourites 2017

Was it just me or did it feel like January lasted for about 3 years? Thank god a new month and a new pay day! I've rounded up my highlights from this month including some eats, treats and days out!

Film - La La Land

No, not a feature film about everyones favourite Tellytubby (if only), but a heartwarming, and then soul destroying modern day musical set in Hollywood. 

I went with my parents to watch it earlier in the month for my Dad's birthday. I hadn't heard that much about it at the time apart from the fact that it won a bunch of golden globes or something. We found our seats and after what felt like a lifetime of shushing my parents for constantly asking me questions during the trailers about films I obviously hadn't seen yet, and angry tweeting about my mum attempting to (and severely failing at) discreetly whacking open a Terry's chocolate orange, the film finally began.

We arrive at an infamous LA traffic jam. After a cheery opening song, a clusterfuck of clues about what time period we're in and all the vintage-esque clothes Forever 21 had to offer, we meet Emma Stone in a car. We meet Ryan Baby-goose in a car. A pretentious vintage car at that because why not. Ryan plays that typical trope of Angry Man Who Really Likes Jazz And You Should Like It Too, Stupid - a character we all know from that episode of Sex and the City. Emma Stone don't like it. So we watch as Ryan does what I did with my boyfriend when I forced him to Game of Thrones until he bloody well enjoyed it. They sing a few songs at each other and they have dreams and stuff. 

In a nutshell, it's a story about how having two very sensitive and creative people in a relationship is a very bad idea. Emma Stone is amazing and proves that we indeed, cannot have it all! Hooray!

I did thoroughly enjoy it though, and the acting was insanely good. I also liked the clash of modern day and classic Hollywood throughout the clothes, music and design. And I still need to drink wine and discuss the ending with someone because I was not ok. 

Haul - New Year, New Stationery!

Oh my days, all of the sparkly. I bought these beasts to try and organise and structure my god damn life. I've got small sparkly (Paperchase) for jotting dates for my social plans, which is of course hardly touched. The cactus print monthly planner and notebook are both from Ohh Deer and serve purpose for my side hustlin' and blog. The monthly planner helps me structure which days I'll be working on certain projects and when I'll schedule posts and upload videos. The notebook is for my writing - I like to handwrite points about what I want to blog about, and also for any creative writing that pops into this noggin of mine. The sparkly washi tape - also from Ohh Deer - will be used in my packaging as I think the colour matches my brand and illustration colour palette, and I'm like a magpie for glittery sticky things.

Food - The Real Greek 

This month was a big one for food as the new West Quay Watermark opened late December. As the weeks went by, more and more exciting new restaurants opened. I've been so many times already and I still haven't ticked off even just half the places yet! I'll write a bit about each one I've been to so far in my upcoming Veganuary post, but I thought I'd mention my favourite meal which was in the Real Greek. We went on a double date there one Friday night (make sure to book, it was very popular!) and we decided to share one of the big sharing tree of plate thing and then order a dish each as well. The cold plates included, hummus, pitta, peas and beans, and then there were meatballs, aubergine (my absolute favourite) and stuffed vine leaves. It was a great experience and I can't wait for my next visit!

Culture - SeaCity Museum

One of my stocking filler presents from Martin was a trip to the SeaCity museum in Southampton city centre. I'd never been before and being quite the Titanic enthusiast, I was very excited to sea (GEDDIT) the exhibition. 'Southampton's Titanic Story' was a journey you go through alongside graphics featuring a group of people who worked on board the Titanic in different ranks. As you walk through, you read about how each person lived on the ship and what their duties that day would have been. It was a very interactive exhibition, and I really liked how it focused mainly on the working crew on board, as most of them were from or were boarding in Southampton at the time. It was really interesting and quite moving to see on their floor map all the residencies of those lost at sea, and the wall of crew members and their job titles. You experience a really chilling moment when you view the stopwatch that was found on one of the crew members who didn't make it, and the hands of the watch stopped near after the ship went down. 

As well as the Titanic exhibition, there was also 'The Age of the Ocean Liner' about the history of the ships that ported here, and about how crew and passengers lived, dined and dressed through the ages. It was also really interactive (check out my sick captain outfit) - I definitely recommend that for a family day out!