Valentines and Dinosaurs - My first video!

WOW today has been productive. I finally bit the bullet and after my whimsical test video experiment, I filmed my very first vlog for my newly christened YouTube channel!

I subscribe to a few Illustrators who use YouTube to blog about their work and their day to day adventures, and I finally realised (after a surprising and very inspirational epiphany whilst watching La La Land last week - thanks Emma Stone!) that I need to put myself out there and create my own opportunities. I ammmm?!

If you know me personally, you'd probably describe me as a bit loud and crazy, but I'm definitely more of an introvert these days - especially when it comes to my illustration work. I think I suffer a bit from Imposter Syndrome, how could I possibly compare to the amazingly talented and successful creative business ladies out there? But I'm taking a new stance in 2017, and I'm gonna show the world my peculiar personality and put out to the universe what I want in return. 

So...after eventually getting used to the sound of my own voice which I super cringe at - I put together this little video. I really enjoyed it actually, especially the editing side. I start to warm up a bit to the camera towards the end, and maybe next time I won't be as reserved and quiet (I had this fear that Martin could hear me and was laughing at me!).

The aim was to showcase the stationery I have available in my online shop for Valentine's Day which is coming up, a little bit of live drawing and a reveal of my new Dinosaur prints. I'd be interested to see if this effects the traffic to my shop and websites.

If you're a Vlogger, post a link to your channel because I'd love to get to know others who enjoy making videos and sharing content! Also if you have any advice for an absolute Novice that would also be appreciated! 

Amy :)