2016 - My New Years Resolutions

Another year has gone by and 2015 has been an exciting year! I started my career in retail design as an Artworker at B&Q, I saw a few of my childrenswear prints in store from my time with the Debenhams and I worked on various commissions and projects throughout the year. I also travelled a lot, I visited places like Lisbon and Costa Del Sol with my boyfriend and spent September travelling West Coast America on a road trip with my friends. Amazing.

Work wise, I've struggled this year with maintaining my illustration work whilst working full time (darker evenings make netflix and fluffy robes all the more appealing), so my new years resolutions for 2016 are mostly to guide me to aim for a more productive, active and happy year to come!

1) Get fit. I've already been attending the gym at work (SO USEFUL), sometimes twice daily! I'm weighing in at 10 stone - after already losing 2 pounds post America trip - and at 5"2 inches, I want to shed a layer of the wobbliness and build muscle and definition. Look out world! I just need to keep the leftover christmas chocolates away from my mouth.

2) Be proactive in my freelance work. When I move out and have a new work space to be excited about, I'll be buzzing to create new work on weeknights. I also need to stop writing lists unless I'm actually going to complete them. Writing this blog post was top of my daily list for today, so well done me.

3) Make new work. Also make new work that I want to be commissioned for. Also make work that interests me and showcases what I can do and who I am as an individual. This means going back in time to uni life when I would experiment with materials, research subject matter and play with various outcomes and not fixating on what others are doing on instagram. IGNORE TRENDS, HARWOOD. 

4) Chill out, but not too much. I need to relax and not stress out about work. Also must focus on the day job and improve my skills.

5) Make time for friends and family. There are a lot of people I need to reunite with and visit because I'm a terrible person. Hopefully passing my driving test and moving out will make this easier.

6) Read more. Watch more. Educate myself on what's going on in the world and find out where my inspiration comes from. 

7) Blog more. Here I am!


So that's basically it. Here's to a productive, happy and grown up 2016!