Ep 2 | 90's Nostalgia, Inspirational Women & Cutting Edge Comedy

Is Jurassic Park a feminist masterpiece? Did Indiana Jones inspire me to be a freelancer? What on earth was our IT syllabus at school?! My first interview was with Comedian, Writer and Actor Christie Grattan!

This podcast we chat about 90’s technology and film, bad cockney accents, early 00’s internet memories, British sitcoms, salmon and champagne, dino peen, Cruella DeVilles personal grooming and PET CITY! We also spin out of control and go out on many more tangents along the way. There’s substance to the stupid.

Along with the goofy stuff, we also discuss comedy in todays mainstream, how bullies are just hecklers and the importance of living life to the fullest and nurturing our creativity.

So listen up, 4-Face. Grab a cuppa and enjoy this half nonsense/half inspiring podcast! And remember; CGI ages, puppets never will.